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50 Men. 50 Mats.

50 men, 50 mats. An introduction to Yoga - for men.

Two weeks ago I was privileged help at a phenomenal yoga experience for 50 male yoga virgins. Why is this so important? Mindfulness. Wellness. Self-awareness. These seem pretty ‘fashionable’ words at the moment but are so important to be aware of.

To me it is looking after yourself mentally and physically. Giving yourself time to process life and live in the moment, rather than constantly chasing a dream. I am definitely one for grafting and ensuring grit and determination gets results. Honestly, nothing comes easy, but it is a whole other tangent I could talk hours about. Back to this event and it’s focus on getting more men on the mat while raising money for CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably. Which is leading the movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

Yoga is a fantastic way of focusing mentally and getting some physical movement into your life. Still new to yoga only getting on board in the last few months, having thought it was pointless, I am now transformed. I have bought a mat and try to put the class sessions into practice at home and finding it is helping transform my life. Cliche I know, but along with other parts of life changing for the better, this has added focus while also supporting the sport I love, rowing and helping focus at work, building stability and mental focus.

Caleb’s Sattva yoga classes are epic for this due to the journey he creates each time. They include kriya, pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation. It feels like a complete session each time. While other classes I go to, such as Maddy at Leo Yoga locally in Marlow are great for building blocks of yoga having been to many beginner classes and more recently dynamic vinyasa flow, which are building confidence in the movement and flexibility. Plus she’s a gem!

Also to note, improvements in my food intake have helped support all these changes physically and mentally.

This all brings me back around to this event. I took Cooper who was a brilliant doorman and welcoming party, immediately putting many at ease. The guys took their places on the mat, Caleb introduced the event, and the intentions set were obvious from the first Om. All the men were all in the same boat and with Caleb and his warm and inviting presence created the perfect atmosphere to allow every person to be on board, drop any guards and get involved. Energy levels stayed strong and all the guys committed to the cause. It was wonderful to experience and feel, and gave me goosebumps. I am thrilled to have found this path and to have met many great yogis. All the guys and girls have been welcoming and supportive. This positive energy in itself is something I have fed off. I’m in love with it. It seemed most of these chaps also had a great time from the chatter after.

A little side note, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Jo Noel-Hartley at the Jam Theatre coming to the rescue with the stage for the event, and Suzie and The Primal Pantry for the donation of they delicious vegan snack bars. We are so lucky to have this wonderful community in Marlow.

If anyone, maybe particularly guys who might be inspired (it is of course open to all), want to give Sattva Yoga a try, myself and Caleb are holding a session at Coopers, for the wonderful Academy of Hope charity, founded by Caleb and his friend Kylie. All money will go towards the education of the wonderful children of the impoverished community it supports. In addition there will be a gong bath with Francisco Calles and end with a dinner. All for £30 on 12th May, 6pm - 9pm (ish).

Email: to book. or DM via instagram. Payment is confirmation.*

Over & out,

James and Cooper

*No refunds give as numbers are limited and money is for charity (happily allow you to get a replacement or if we get a wait list and fill the spot but can't guarantee this).

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