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The Power Of Art

The Power Of Art

Art has always been an integral part of my life. The past few years have been full on with work and pulling everything together in order to build and grow a business and dealing with issues. The knock on effect of this has caused me to lose any momentum and time for this part of my life and outlet. I am always wanting to explore new things, have new challenges and give all sorts of things a go, more will happen this year so eyes peeled. More recently some yoga and mindfulness, more about that in future. However I am grateful to have this back in my life.

I do not know the science or psychology of therapy but I strongly believe that creative outlets are ideal for letting go, opening the mind and a way to enable thoughts to be processed. It might not be for everyone but I love it. For me being able to get something on paper has been essential in dealing with difficult times. It is a way of letting go of emotions by getting them onto canvas and then being able to move on.

For many people I am sure it is more a fun and enjoyable hobby, but for me more recently, it is therapeutic as well depending on the style. Natasha of The Big Canvas Project, has been a really important part of my life for a few years.

The courses Tash has been putting on at Coopers have really helped express emotion so I can get it on the page and leave it behind. For me, they are all about letting go and expressing through mixed media. There is no right and wrong. There is no technical ability needed, and the guided tutoring is exceptional. Opening up ideas about how marks can be made using all sorts of materials, glue, sand, ink and paint marks using sticks and cardboard. There are so many options it could be daunting but some mini exercises threaded through the workshop, give great directions that help ideas flow.

If you think you are not ‘arty’ and can’t do it, don’t worry. If you fancy giving mixed media a go dive in. Nothing to lose. It is also a relaxed and friendly space to meet people. The evenings are fun, can take you on a journey and give you a great dedicated bit of time each week for yourself. Art materials are supplied along with tutoring and delicious dinners. The workshop is designed to allow you to explore and establish the best and most rewarding methods of achieving desired effects to tell your story on canvas, so complete beginners are very much welcome along with those who already have an established interest.

To find out more or book onto any of the superb courses go to:

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