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Coopers goes exploring…. Pop up Syrian night.

Plenty has been happening at Coopers recently. It is fantastic having such a vibe about the place. From art workshop to private events, movie night and pop-up suppers.

We didn't have to go far for this exploration as the most recent has been a hit with a Syrian night, planned by Marlow Rufugee Action with food served by Imad’s Syrian Kitchen in Coopers. It’s an instant winning combination.

The food… Stunning and full-flavoured.

Raising money for the refugee crisis… Amazing!

Location… Ideal - relaxed and buzzing due to the great turnout.

Marlow refugee action is fantastic and a little different. A wonderful cause that gets little help and has low awareness so brilliant to help. Locals and regulars Tom Doust and Vanessa Faulkner plus other wonderful helpers on the evening pulled this together to make it a great success.

From the Marlow Refugee Action site:

“One of the projects that Marlow Refugee Action is supporting is a Law Centre to facilitate the work of the Berlin Refugee Law Clinic. We are helping to fund office space in order that the volunteer lawyers have a calm and professional environment to work with their clients. We are planning to pay the rent (EUR 620/mo) at least until the end of 2018 and ideally into 2019.

The Centre has been open since the beginning of August and has averaged 15-20 clients a week. Living conditions aside, negotiating the asylum process is one of the biggest causes of stress and worry to refugees detained in Samos; although many applications are ultimately successful, the process is time consuming and, of course, involves an unfamiliar legal system in an unfamiliar language. Providing advice and support throughout this process is valuable in so many ways.”

The two recent Friday evenings raised £1200 (minus a few costs of course) which is fantastic. £15 of ticket sales were donated.

The food created by Imad and his fantastic team was top quality and full of flavour. He is a superb gentleman with a smile to melt hearts and personality to suit. We got to try the food and were so impressed, as it seemed the other guests were. The vibe on the evenings was wonderful and happy.

To save a thousand words here are some pictures taken by myself.

Provided we can all agree it is looking likely a couple more will happening January so eyes peeled if you missed out and want in on the action!

Look out:

Coopers Facebook;

Imad’s Syrian Kitchen:

Marlow Refugee Crisis page:

Over and Out,

James & Cooper

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