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Cooper Goes Exploring... Gogos

Cooper Goes Exploring.... Gogos Waterfront Restaurant in Windsor

Gogos waterfront restaurant is a rustic feeling restaurant serving breakfast through to evening meals and cocktails all inspired by the taste of Africa.

Kindness, peace and prosperity is their ethos and this is reflected in the service. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere and the team are very friendly and approachable.

This marina-side restaurant is a fantastic setting. Simple to get to from the Maidenhead side as well. The immediate area around is currently having a lot of work done, so there is a bit of disruption currently on the approach, however this doesn’t take away from the restaurant, but once it’s all finished this approach will be a lot more pleasant and welcoming. Plus there is plenty of parking making for a simple visit.

I popped along yesterday for lunch, but had a delicious breakfast dish - The Bush Baby; Boerewors sausage, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, roast peppers, caramelised onions, grilled tomato and poached eggs & toasted sourdough. It was plentiful and homely, full of flavour. At £9.50 I think a decent and fair price for the quality. Maybe if you’re going for it you can enjoy the bottomless brunch option!

I had this with a breakfast tea, served in a cute tea pot. I didn’t opt for coffee having had plenty already and had just finished helping set up the coffee machine here. They now serve Coopers coffee, so helping set up the grind and get the perfect shot is important. Hopefully over time we can help keep this delicious.

It is a beautiful setting for any meal. I sat outside with Cooper and we loved the relaxing atmostphere. Being a Friday it was relatively quiet. I would love to come back here for evening dinner and drinks! I think it would be a really fun place to spend the night.

Check this place out:

Racecourse Marina,

Maidenhead Road,



Free On-Site parking

Monday - Friday; 11am - 11pm

Saturday; 9am - 11pm

Sunday; 9am - 10pm

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