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Coopers Goes Exploring... Marshall & Foxwells

Cooper Goes Exploring - Marshall & Foxwells...

New venture for Ian comes in the package of a great little coffee van with a lever press espresso machine.

Ian has worked hard and taken the plunge into the world of coffee. I went to Chesham market last Saturday to catch up with Ian and get the latest and make sure all is well and happy.

While Chesham market may not be his ideal location, it is a great opener for this venture. He has been in other locations such as Penn Meadow Summer Festival, but also looking to other locations so we need to watch this space - well… his FB page for updates and whereabouts… @marshallfoxwells

The passion Ian demonstrates for coffee shines through his chat. He is working on and perfecting the shots, even drawing others in for their opinions, which is always a good sign, other peoples insights and objective views are really useful. Being a cart it is obviously a limited offering but that means his focus is on serving a delicious coffee. Plus his warm and friendly personality just makes you want to have another! I can imagine the drives in this little 600cc cart, shimmying around the streets early in the morning. That’s gotta bring a smile to your face!

Of course the coffee is great, it Coopers seasonal house blend, Jabbajaws! And pulled by a person who cares what they serve it's going to shine. Be sure to follow their social media and keeps eyes peeled on the streets around Chesham, Amersham, Berkhamstead and more...

Over and out,

James & Cooper

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