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Cooper Goes Exploring... Maidenhead

New venture in Maidenhead, St Marks road!

Saint Cafe

This has recently sprung up and they are pretty bustling already. They have been sourcing great products, many local and much sustainable to offer great quality and made contact in order for us to supply them. Clearly word is getting out which is really exciting!

We went to visit with an order of coffee on a Cooper Goes Exploring adventure. They are a fantastic crew of people, working busy to get things off the ground. Walking in feels warm and welcoming, much furniture homely and rustic but all nice and clean and fresh. There is a great display of products for sale which will be lovely as take away extras.

The food offering is of course limited but ideal cafe style with fresh, quality pastries and sandwiches that can be toasted and baguettes. The tea selection is fantastic too and along with coffees are served beautifully and with a great smile.

They have a full-time great quality barista, but we have of course done some training very recently to help provide basics in order to start building consistency with the coffee to try and showcase our delicious seasonal house blend Jabbajaws. Along with this and being a new place there is some settling in to do and choices to be made as ever with a new business, but it is wonderful for this heavily residential area, as well as near St Marks Hospital, to have a top little independent place to support as they develop.

Another plus, as you can see it dog friendly!

Pop in and support them…

St Marks Newsagent, St Mark's Rd, Maidenhead SL6 6DP

Opening times (may change once settled in more)

Mon-Fri - 07:00 - 17:00

Saturday - 08:00 - 17:00

Sunday - 09:00 - 17:00


Over and out,

James & Coops

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