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Cooper Goes Exploring... Drifters

Drifters in Henley is an exciting new venture by brother and Sister-in-Law duo Cam and Talia.

Drifters is a chilled out space and the the team is brilliant! They work hard and we are particularly excited about this venture with our Jabbajaws house blend being served here.

They take two things seriously, and that’s coffee and connections. Split over two levels ‘Drifters’ is their ode to a creative caffeinated community who want their coffee with a side of no fuss honesty from a brand that’s homegrown. Retro games, homemade bakes, and good tunes are served up alongside top notch brews, in a environment that strives to be as plastic free as it can, making Drifters the ultimate feel good place to kick back and chill in a world dominated by throwaway chains!

The exciting thing for us is that while they are a new venture so is our coffee wholesale and they are our first connection to Henley, Already the impact is clear the space is needed with a storming start to this fab place. Having helped on the first day we are thrilled that Coopers coffee is served here!

The space reflects their ethos - cool, relaxed and happy. A definite feel-good vibe. Being new there are things that will evolve over time so we are excited to see how this place develops and grows. I’ve only heard great things so far. Many Coopers regulars have already visited and we are really pleased. Independents working working together and giving a each other support is what we are both about.

Downstairs is all about takeaway and a nook that has products for sale, while upstairs is the sit down and chill out space that I am currently writing this in (there is wifi)

The food here is of course relatively limited (given the size and making food fresh which I never understand why people can’t grasp), but absolutely delicious. I have tried a chicken pesto panini and one of their curries. Both full of flavour and a great price.

These pictures show the real quality of this place and we are so happy it’s dog friendly also! It’s spacious but being a Labrador he typically still gets in the way!

We love it here and hope you all do too. Check them out and support this brilliant independent place when visiting Henley.

Drifters Coffee House

A Duke St, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1UR

Monday - Saturday; 7:30am–6:30pm



Over and out,

Cooper & James

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