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I am Blessed!

I often talk of positives and negatives that go with them, places i’ve been and people we at Coopers have met.

This year has been an odd one of really great things as well as pretty depressing things. There have been plenty of hard times, but a real highlight has been working with the team at The Fat Duck, they are passionate, dedicated and are at the top of their game which has pushed me to strive for more, which is why I feel so blessed to have experienced lunch at The Fat Duck yesterday with a great friend Tash, who has been a massive help at Coopers as well as personally. The experience is immense and wanted to share a positive and highlight of the year.

My goodness, if you want a mega treat and super special experience it’s worth figuring a way to fit in a visit to The Fat Duck. From the moment you step in the door you are transported. I have been more than ready to take time out and forget day to day life for a while. It was above and beyond what I could imagine. Personal touches, lighting, amazing wine, thoughtful and intriguing food, each small detail made this a unique journey.

This is a tasting menu you can't forget. 16 courses over 7 stages of Heston’s childhood memory of his holidays to Cornwall. One many of us can relate to, I for sure can having spent a couple of weeks every August growing up in a place called Gorran Haven in Cornwall.

The details are outstanding. It all started prior to the visit by answering a few questions via email (or call but I had been crazy busy at Coopers) about memories. Little details were picked up on and influenced parts of the journey. I could write on and on about everything I ate but I don’t think anyone would read it! So here are a few pictures as the highlights.

If you love food, wine and experiences not to forget and an opportunity ever comes up - don’t pass on it. It is exciting and a memory you will never forget.

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