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Cooper Goes Exploring... Farringdon

Coopers Goes Exploring...

This time we were based around Farringdon/Barbican. We got the train to London and again people were lighting up all day at the sight of Cooper. On the train, Underground and just out on the streets. “He has so cheered me up today, he was absolutely what I needed, Thank you!” hehe Near enough exact words of one lady who I guess was having a stressful day.

First stop... Look Mum No Hands!

Anyway, one of the first stops needed to be coffee and some food! I was starving. I have not tried Look Mum No Hands! Even though I have wanted to for ages. This was an interesting stop. Love the space, very natural, cycle oriented and relaxed. I hear they are great with bikes and knowledge but I personally can not comment on this subject. Great vibe in the place, Bustling with people so clearly a good choice. The service was friendly. I had a melt in the mouth toasted cheese, ham and cranberry (?) if I remember correctly. Superb!

The coffee and delivery sadly, a bit sloppy as you can see. A real shame. I promise I did not spill this. It happens but its a shame the server didn’t say anything as it’s clearly not a slight spillage over the side. Anyway. It was good. Well pulled shot bringing out caramel flavours but not the rounded flavour I expect of Square Mile Red Brick.. Sadly I can’t rave about this coffee experience but I would of course try it again. I never base a place on one try. Service and quality all depend on the people and everywhere can have off days. Here’s hoping this is not common delivery and service, it is a well-known place so can’t imagine they got a good reputation on the experience I had this occasion.

49 Old St, London EC1V 9HX

Monday - Friday 07:30 - 22:00

Saturday 08:00 - 22:00

Sunday 09:00 - 22:00

Then... Dose

I then ventured for another coffee. Not far away is Dose. Now this is a special treat! It is small, bustling and dog-friendly (I hope, we went in and not turned away hehe. You don’t get many dogs in the city and again here, like Piccadilly, I saw hardly any other dogs. Cooper is not that practical here with the size of him and given the small space, but people were happy for him to be there. We do our best to tuck out of the way and at least he is always quiet, plus we were not there at the peak period so not too in the way. It’s a bustling little place and seems to always be someone there. A few waves of people came through in the time we were there, which is fantastic to see as it is worth a stop off.

Here they also serve Square Mile, but a very different experience and really highlights how important a barista can be. The flavour was more rich, velvety and luscious than what I had at Look Mum No Hands!. The sweet milk chocolate came through and the citrus notes seeped toward the end. The milk was stretched beautifully and is finished off with a little latte art flair. Also delivered with a smile and relaxed approach.

I also had a yummy Ethiopian espresso - guest from Colonna. Expertly extracted allowing the fruit flavours to shine!

Here all focus is on coffee (and tea) with some simple but delicious looking foods, and this shows in the quality results. It takes a little longer but is SOOOOO worth the wait and price. Dose clearly looks at the details and they know their coffee stuff.

My only thing was the music, a tad heavy for me at one point but can 100% forgive this! Few places serve coffee as well as this little Gem.

If you are in the area and want a coffee stop, I urge you to try this place. If there is a queue, wait! Even if you are not in the area it’s totally worth a visit.

70 Long Ln, London EC1A 9EJ

Monday - Friday 07:00 - 17:00

Weekends - Closed ( :-( )

Not big on social media or online generally but BIIIIIIG on flavour and quality

More food :) ...

Ask For Janice

Then I needed lunch and space to work. So just a few doors along (from Dose) we popped into Ask For Janice. Looking in I thought I am not sure why but wasn't sure about stopping here. How wrong was that though? Very! Do it. Make a trip here.

They have really good quality food and amazing service. The staff were lush, people that would make me be a regular here if I lived near, and also very dog-friendly. A great sized place with fantastic decor. Very homely and welcoming overall.

As you can see I tried Hake with dhal and a Herby chicken wrap with beetroot in a flat bread wrap. It is really fairly priced and outstanding in flavour delivered with a great smile. I could stay here for hours on end. I managed to get some work done and had a delicious fresh orange juice and small glass of wine. Pretty good and also a very fair price.

I would not have a coffee here again. Not because it is awful, but when there is such an outstanding coffee venue as Dose just a few doors down I would make use of both places!

I would love to be here again of an evening and be able to have a couple of gins. There was an extensive range just waiting to be sampled. A few I have already had but some unknowns too which is always fun!

Do not miss this place. I give this a HUGE thumbs up.

50-52 Long Ln, London EC1A 9EJ

Monday - Friday 07:30 - 00:30

Saturday 10:30 - 00:30

Sunday Closed

All in all this was a fantastic day out. This is a great area for food and drink.

Until our next adventures, over and out

James & Coops

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