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Cooper goes exploring... Amersham

Having wanted to pop to JACS for a while, we took a trip, as you might have seen, for a little Latte Art competition a few weeks ago. A few local guys and girls came together for a lovely little relaxed evening. Both Bogdan and Radu came along and did an excellent job getting to the final. Coming up against each other it, came down to the final part of the three round final, ending up going in Radu’s favour. The extra experience under pressure, on this occasion proving useful, but watch out Radu. Bogdan is hot on your tail...

Anyway, I have since squeezed in a little stop. Managing to park directly outside was super convenient – there is street parking (free). It is only an hour, which is normally fine, but I was really settling in and could have happily stayed longer.

Super happy it’s dog-friendly. Cooper was very welcome so he could actually come exploring again with me this time, he was his usual, slightly crazy self when somewhere new, but is settling down quickly as he heads toward being a 4 year old. Ordering my initial go-to cortado I took my seat in the cute little back room so I could settle at a table to work with Coops. Ordinarily I like to sit at stools in windows as this little gem has them, but needed a little less distraction – I love people watching.


The décor is clean and casual in the front, while the back carries a similar feel, particularly with the interesting, structural, black and white photographs continuing through, but with a much more homely feel where the sofa takes a dominant feature as you walk in. Well laid out with great seating and plenty of plug sockets.

I was served a superb coffee. No, it’s not the prettiest – it’s not always possible, such as when you come to Coopers and I am making them 😊 Particularly when busy, they are tasty but not consistently pretty as this takes practice practice practice. At first sip, I was super happy, it was beautifully made – nicely rounded chocolatey flavour, with a creamy maple caramel flavour giving quite a bright, sweet finish. Her they take great care about making coffee well.

I followed up with a filter and toasted sandwich. Now, here is where I fall short in my use of information on this occasion as, because I visited over a week ago, I can not for the life of me remember what the coffee was. I opted for a v60 of a guest coffee, as I love to try them out, but should have gone with the recommendation to try it as an espresso. It was good, very well made and tasted great but personally a little on the deeper, full bodied raisin and chocolate flavour side. When I drink a pour-over I am rather partial to a bright, floral or zesty cup. On the flip side, it meant it worked really well with the truly outstanding toasted sandwich!!! Yummo. My mouth is watering now thinking of it! Bacon and blue cheese are a winning combo and in the sourdough it was just perfect.

In addition, like us at Coopers, they offer water in return for a donation to charity. Hopefully they have more luck with the amount they collect. It’s great when people do their bit for this world.

The guys working there are absolute stars. Even had I not loved the coffee and lunch, I would still want to return for their friendly, warm hospitality. Knowledgeable, smiley and very welcoming. So, lucky for us it is also exceptionally delicious. I will be going back as I like to get away and work – does no end of good for the flow of ideas when you find a place with the individual soulful vibe JACS has.

Thank you guys, you are awesome. We’ll be back…

This oasis of joy is open:

Monday – Friday 07:00-17:00

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00

Closed Sundays.

Watch for Bank Holidays.

47 Hill Avenue HP6 5BX Amersham, Buckinghamshire

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