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Drink Coffee - Help People

When you come to Coopers, you are doing more than helping yourself to a delicious coffee to get you through the day while supporting a local business.

It extends much further than that…

We source our coffee, mainly from Falcon Coffees: We have selected them for the majority of our coffee as they are eyes and ears on the ground while supplying great quality coffees we can all enjoy. They visit the farms, meet the farmers and other farm workers which means they are able to genuinely help and build a sustainable supply chain. Poverty is not sustainable.

There are still sources that take advantage and routes that hold countries to ransom due to the way exporting and financing works – this is a whole other in depth discussion we would need to research a lot more.

Falcon are part of a community, which therefore we are all a part of, that is working together to have the buying power to build a collaborative, sustainable supply chain. By standing together we are harnessing the strength of the combined production leveraging the access to international markets that connect the coffee drinking communities.

Through this connection we have we are collaborating and working with great people who are doing good. This is helping people through providing agronomy training, supporting gender initiatives and raise funds for education. This is all part of a bigger conversation but it is reassuring to know there are good people out there working hard and committed to improving the lives of people in these countries where their lives are marginalised through poverty and lack of education and training, while the community is open to water contamination and deforestation.

One coffee in particular was something we at Coopers really cared about – Rocko Mountain. First off, it was delicious and really helped boost the house blend Jabbajaws. It was also fantastic and buying it also meant supporting the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. While intitally gutted that we had to move away from it due to how coffee is grown – it’s seasonal and this is also a popular green bean so we missed out, BUT we have taken on Kana Yirgacheffe. Now we have been able to better figure out how to roast it to bring out the sweet cashew flavours and lime zest we are thrilled – by buying this coffee there is also a donation within the price we pay that goes to the Girls Gotta Run foundation as it did with Rock Mountain! YAY

GGRF is a non-profit organisation that empowers girls in Ethiopia through running and education, in an effort to avoid early marriage and pregnancy. With athletic scholarship programs in Sodo and Bukoji - both situated within the greater Woreda zone, north of Yirgacheffe - GGRF is bringing positive impact to the lives of young women and their communities throughout Ethiopia.

Girls Gotta Run envisions a world that empowers and invests in the exceptional initiative of young women who are working to establish their place in the world as competitive runners and leaders in their communities, who are finding strength, courage and power in their pursuit of excellence, and who are achieving their fullest potential in running and society.

Through the development of strong partnerships with local and international organizations and with the support of an enormous number of individuals, Girls Gotta Run Foundation has cultivated several successful projects that empower Ethiopian women runners and their communities. In each of the projects that Girls Gotta Run Foundation has co-created and supported, female athletes have been reaching their educational, athletic and individual goals. Additionally, many of the projects have become financially self-sustaining through their involvement with Ethiopian institutions.

So drink up and be confident that you are, no matter how small, a part of a bigger picture that is helping by improving their quality of life.

This Kana Yirgacheffe really adds extra dimension to our amazing Jabbajaws, it’s what you all drink daily in all espresso based drinks. You can also enjoy its subtle flavours as a single origin. We recommend a v60 to showcase its delicate wild fruit flavours with notes of cashew & lime.

Happy days!!

Peace out…

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