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Cooper Goes Exploring... Henley

Cooper nearly went exploring at least...

Spoon in Henley

Our little adventure this week took us to Henley. Located on Duke street, nestled just slightly off the main High Street, is Spoon. Myself and Radu popped to Henley to test it out after a few good verbal reports.

Walking in you will be faced with a warm, friendly atmosphere and rustic but clean and homely decor. The staff know exactly what they are talking about and are very willing to help with anything needed.

We settled in with a couple of macchiato’s, proper size compared to the cappuccino served in come places, nothing against them just personally, too much milk. On the food front, I had a fresh tomato, mozzarella, rocket and pesto ciabatta (think that was correct). This was really tasty and clearly made with care and attention. Radu had the Nutella croissant cake slice. Apparently very tasty. The other selection of goods looked absolutely delicious and fresh also.

Coffee – This is the best coffee I have had in Henley. Definitely up there in the area as well, Obviously I put our very own Coopers at the top of the coffee taste chain with the work we put into making a special cup! :). Extract ‘Original Espresso’ is used as Spoon's coffee of choice. A Bristol based roaster, ethically sourced beans and roasted with care. This Original Espresso is a lovely flavour of chocolate & hazelnut with salted caramel notes. It is made up of a combination of Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador. Spoon have clearly had some good training as the shot was skilfully pulled. The milk was well stretched but seemed to separate fairly quickly. However overall it was a delicious coffee, I would recommend to anyone visiting Henley looking for a coffee stop.

Also in the shop is a great little selection of goodies, including the indulgent and super yummy Monty Bojangles chocolates. I didn’t buy them here but great to see, I was lucky enough to receive them as a pressie for Christmas from a lush friend - Thanks Fay!. They put a huge smile on my face, so had to tear myself away from Spoon before I bought them all.

The one thing that will hold me back stopping in on some occasions, will be it is not dog-friendly. Not a problem as I can plan and leave Cooper at home or in the car, as I did on this occasion, but not when the weather warms up (leaving him in the car that is). I normally have Cooper with me as I am out and about working, so it’s not practical to leave him at home hours on end. This is not necessarily a negative, just a point in case, like me, you were wondering about the dog friendly aspect. Also, therefore not too practical for prams/buggies. It is definitely cosy especially when busy, as it was when we visited, which is always brilliant to see.

Definitely make a point to try this place if you are into yummy coffee, simple yet delicious food in a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

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