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#LIVEMUSIC - The Weathertop Preachers - Friday 6th March - 8:30pm​ You can listen to our music, watch video clips, read our biography and view our repertoire at The Weathertop Preachers are two highly experienced rock 'n' roll gentlemen performing an audience pleasing selection of up-tempo, Americana-tinged acoustic music. The duo's repertoire consists of classic rock, country rock and alternative rock cover songs, originally performed by artists who are synonymous with popular rock 'n' roll folklore. The Preachers are former members of professional, signed bands and have, independently of each other, both written and released charting singles. Their pedigree comes from almost 20 years of incessant playing and touring with originals bands, during which time they worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Noel Gallagher and Andy Bell of Oasis, Robbie Williams, Nick Hayward, Rod Argent, and well known producers like Trevor Horn, Brian O'Shaughnessy and Nick Tauber. Displaying high levels of passion and commitment in their acoustic renditions of popular rock and pop songs, the Preachers pride themselves on replicating the music heard on the original recordings faithfully -- they don't simply "busk" through the songs like so many other cover acts do. The duo are current and professional, but also relaxed, and possessed of a confidence that only those who have cultivated their own crop of songs and image can truly achieve.

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