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#LIVEMUSIC - The Cherry Valentines FRIDAY 20th, 8:30 @ COOPERS

The Cherry Valentines are a cheeky boy & a cute girl who play up-tempo cover tunes with acoustic guitar, flute and stunning harmonies.


Comprised of Paul O'Kynd and Vicky Valentine, the duo's pedigree comes from Paul's almost 20 years in the music business, playing in signed originals bands and various cover acts, and Vicky's years as a stage actor, trained flautist and sexy burlesque chanteuse. Paul is also one half of renowned local acoustic rockers The Weathertop Preachers.

You can listen to their music, watch video clips, read their biography and view their repertoire at ​

With a repertoire made up of the finest pop, rock and soul covers from the 1960s to the present day - all dusted off with driving rhythm guitar and beautiful flute playing - the Valentines play with passion, energy and a strong twin lead vocal attack.

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