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#COFFEE - The Queen Cortado - Lacey's milk is her final kiss.

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You look at our Coffee menu, we see your eyes move past her name to the familiar latte or cappuccino. But wait, rewind.... try her & there is no return, you will think of her & goose pimples will rise on your neck & you want her, she is the coffee Queen.

That Queen is the ‘Cortado’, from the Spanish verb cortar, ‘to cut’, where a little warm milk is added to the espresso. At Coopers it’s a double espresso, served in a chunky, cute glass & ‘cut’ with steamed or ‘stretched’ milk. Our baristas make micro foam to crown the Queen with art, her first kiss to your lips.

Finding our milk suppliers wasn’t difficult, Laceys’ Family Farm in the heart of the Chilterns have their own pedigree Guersey cows, they are local & provide a great delivery service.

Essentially they have exceptional milk, something that the Coopers Queen Cortado’s perfection insists on, but don't take our word for it, try & enter a world of coffee heaven you may not know exists or may never return from.


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