Coopers Menu

Available Wednesday - Sunday 08:30 - 14:30

Avocado & Eggs (v)

Coopers Guacamole topped with Chilli Flakes, with Poached Eggs on Toast


Extra Egg 75p | Chorizo £1.75


Coopers Signature Bacon Toast

Combo of Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Mushrooms and Sweet Chilli Jam



Superfood Hash (vgn)

Roasted Sweet Potato & Red Peppers, Sweetcorn & Black Beans, served with Sun-dried Tomato Houmous & Herb Oil



Coopers Homemade Soup

Served with Fresh Bread

(Ask for the Day’s Option)


Coopers Fresh Salad

(Ask for the Day’s Option)

Sandwich Options:

Bacon Sandwich  £5.25

Sausage Sandwich £5.75

Add fried Egg 75p


Cheese & Tomato Sandwich £5.00 (v)

Ham & Cheese Sandwich £5.50

Roast Vegetable & Basil Oil Sandwich | Add Mozzarella £5.00 (Can be made Vegan)






Bacon £1.50

Sausage £2.00

Egg 75p

Chorizo £1.75

Gluten Free Bread +30p


Please ask for Allergen Information