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February 27, 2015

You can listen to our music, watch video clips, read our biography and view our repertoire at 

The Weathertop Preachers are two highly experienced rock 'n' roll gentlemen performing an audience pleasing selection of up-tempo, Americana-tinged acoustic music. The duo's repertoire consists of classic rock, country rock and alternative rock cover songs, originally performed by artists who are synonymous with popular rock 'n' roll folklore.

The Preachers are former members of professional, signed bands and have, independently of each other, both written and released charting singles. Their pedigree comes from almost 20 years of incessant playing and touring with originals bands, during which time they worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Noel Gallagher and Andy Bell of Oasis, Robbie Williams, Nick Hayward, Rod Argent, and well known producers like Trevor Horn, Brian O'S...

February 26, 2015

Cooper is counting up the first total destined for the very worthy WaterAid charity.


For the last few months Coopers has been giving it's water away for free in the hope that Coopers customers will spot the donation box and give generously.


You see the water at Coopers is rather special, special because Coopers has installed technology that allow us to filter & sparkle tap water ourselves. We don't buy in bottled water that has to be transported for a gazillion miles & we can refill our own lovely bottles, so no energy wasted on recycling those either!


So there it is, please continue to put your loose change in the water boxes & watch the our donation figure climb higher & higher. Coopers give all profits from water to WaterAid.




February 18, 2015

Aside from his work as the bassist & vocalist for The Bite, Marlow-based Mechkov is a singer, guitarist, songwriter & ambient/atmospheric specialist in his own right. He ranges the styles & genres from simple homely ballads to downright otherworldly strange and an awful lot in between. His performances often include guest appearances from the wide range of musicians he comes into contact with on a weekly basis. Open your ears, open your minds & give it a go...




February 15, 2015

After a six month extensive refurbishment, Riverlight, our river fronted restaurant at Bourne End marina opens to the public. James Patch & the rest of the Coopers team will open Riverlight with it's first spring menu complimented with a stunning beverage list & of course Coopers signature coffee.


The Riverlight a la carte dining experience is intended to be relaxed but superb, where guests can enjoy the offering in the knowledge that the team at Riverlight hold true to the core values of Coopers, in providing first class, honest produce from sustainable & often local sources.


Find out more or book a table by calling 01628 532626​ or at




February 15, 2015

The Cherry Valentines are a cheeky boy & a cute girl who play up-tempo cover tunes with acoustic guitar, flute and stunning harmonies.


Comprised of Paul O'Kynd and Vicky Valentine, the duo's pedigree comes from Paul's almost 20 years in the music business, playing in signed originals bands and various cover acts, and Vicky's years as a stage actor, trained flautist and sexy burlesque chanteuse. Paul is also one half of renowned local acoustic rockers The Weathertop Preachers.

You can listen to their music, watch video clips, read their biography and view their repertoire at ​

With a repertoire made up of the finest pop, rock and soul covers from the 1960s to the present day - all dusted off with driving rhythm guitar and beautiful flute playing - the Valentines play with passion, energy and a strong twin lead vocal attack.

February 12, 2015

It was a great pleasure to open the doors of Riverlight to guests for the first time. 


The Coopers team carefully designed an evening to showcase the intent of the new restaurant, featuring tasting canapés of flavours designed for the spring menu.


The canapés, created by head chef Shaun Jones & sous chef Martin Lee, came with a wide variety of drinks pairings, many very unusual, but designed to challenge & / or compliment the cuisine.


Throughout the evening Tom Pike, head of beverages for the Coopers group spoke about those pairings & Shaun Jones introduced a number of dishes, championing the provenance of the fine & often local produce that Coopers insists on.


We look forward to welcoming diners from when we open to the public on the 2nd March 2015. You can book at table here or call us on 01628 xxxxxx




November 19, 2014

You look at our Coffee menu, we see your eyes move past her name to the familiar latte or cappuccino. But wait, rewind.... try her & there is no return, you will think of her & goose pimples will rise on your neck & you want her, she is the coffee Queen.


That Queen is the ‘Cortado’, from the Spanish verb cortar, ‘to cut’, where a little warm milk is added to the espresso. At Coopers it’s a double espresso, served in a chunky, cute glass & ‘cut’ with steamed or ‘stretched’ milk. Our baristas make micro foam to crown the Queen with art, her first kiss to your lips.


Finding our milk suppliers wasn’t difficult, Laceys’ Family Farm in the heart of the Chilterns have their own pedigree Guersey cows, they are local & provide a great delivery service.


Essentially they have exceptional milk, something that the Coopers Queen Cortado’s perfection insists on, but don't take our word for it, try & enter a world of coffee heaven you may not know exists or may never return from.




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