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April 20, 2019

50 men, 50 mats. An introduction to Yoga - for men.

Two weeks ago I was privileged help at a phenomenal yoga experience for 50 male yoga virgins. Why is this so important? Mindfulness. Wellness. Self-awareness. These seem pretty ‘fashionable’ words at the moment but are so important to be aware of. 

To me it is looking after yourself mentally and physically. Giving yourself time to process life and live in the moment, rather than constantly chasing a dream. I am definitely one for grafting and ensuring grit and determination gets results. Honestly, nothing comes easy, but it is a whole other tangent I could talk hours about. Back to this event and it’s focus on getting more men on the mat while raising money for CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably. Which is leading the movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. 

Yoga is a fantastic way of focusing mentally and getting some physical movement into your life. Still new to yoga only getting on boa...

January 15, 2019

The Power Of Art

Art has always been an integral part of my life. The past few years have been full on with work and pulling everything together in order to build and grow a business and dealing with issues. The knock on effect of this has caused me to lose any momentum and time for this part of my life and outlet. I am always wanting to explore new things, have new challenges and give all sorts of things a go, more will happen this year so eyes peeled. More recently some yoga and mindfulness, more about that in future. However I am grateful to have this back in my life. 

I do not know the science or psychology of therapy but I strongly believe that creative outlets are ideal for letting go, opening the mind and a way to enable thoughts to be processed. It might not be for everyone but I love it. For me being able to get something on paper has been essential in dealing with difficult times. It is a way of letting go of emotions by getting them onto canvas and then being able to...

January 5, 2019

Cooper goes exploring Millar’s Eatery in Windsor

New Windsor venture, Millar’s Eatery, is one of the latest to join the Coopers Family. Founded by awesome father and son duo, Richard and Ross Millar. Millar’s Eatery @59a is based on St Leonards Road, Windsor, just opposite the college. Slightly off the beaten tourist track it’s an awesome addition to this local area.

First off, the feeling when you walk through the doors is of a warm and friendly local independent, which is absolutely what this place is all about, and exactly why we are working with them on the coffee front.They are particular about details.They wanted a specific coffee profile, so this is what we worked on together to deliver for their own Millar’s Blend. Mainly a rich chocolate and caramel flavour which pairs beautifully with an eclectic range of foods they freshly prepare. These have flavours influences from a variety of cuisines. I chose a good ole corned beef hash on a visit. Beautifully prepared with tasty subtle f...

November 16, 2018

Plenty has been happening at Coopers recently. It is fantastic having such a vibe about the place. From art workshop to private events, movie night and pop-up suppers. 

We didn't have to go far for this exploration as the most recent has been a hit with a Syrian night, planned by Marlow Rufugee Action with food served by Imad’s Syrian Kitchen in Coopers. It’s an instant winning combination. 

The food… Stunning and full-flavoured. 

Raising money for the refugee crisis… Amazing! 

Location… Ideal - relaxed and buzzing due to the great turnout. 

Marlow refugee action is fantastic and a little different. A wonderful cause that gets little help and has low awareness so brilliant to help. Locals and regulars Tom Doust and Vanessa Faulkner plus other wonderful helpers on the evening pulled this together to make it a great success.

From the Marlow Refugee Action site:

“One of the projects that Marlow Refugee Action is supporting is a Law Centre to facilitate the work of the Berlin Refugee Law Clinic....

September 25, 2018

Loading Bay Cafe

This instalment of Cooper Goes Exploring takes us to an industrial estate of Windsor.

This is not a typical cafe. The main business here is 4motion Dance theatre. The cafe is open Saturday mornings and soon Sunday for brunch. As well as this, Dean has trialled Wednesday pizza hour - 12-1 and this is what we went to try. 

As relatively new takers of our coffee and with plan expand a little more the, space also offers itself well to ad hoc events such as DJ and drinks evenings that they have put on. A great chilled vibe that is thoroughly welcoming. 

Back to this experience - the cafe is a cool industrial space with warmth from some of the natural decor and Dean’s presence. He has bought an Ooni wood-fired portable pizza oven. It’s a great little device and the pizza was lush! A sourdough base spread to a great thickness and size for lunch, with just the right amount of topping. There is wisely, a limited choice but absolutely ideal when it’s so tasty. The pictures tell you...

September 8, 2018

Cooper Goes Exploring.... Gogos Waterfront Restaurant in Windsor

Gogos waterfront restaurant is a rustic feeling restaurant serving breakfast through to evening meals and cocktails all inspired by the taste of Africa.

Kindness, peace and prosperity is their ethos and this is reflected in the service. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere and the team are very friendly and approachable. 

This marina-side restaurant is a fantastic setting. Simple to get to from the Maidenhead side as well. The immediate area around is currently having a lot of work done, so there is a bit of disruption currently on the approach, however this doesn’t take away from the restaurant, but once it’s all finished this approach will be a lot more pleasant and welcoming. Plus there is plenty of parking making for a simple visit. 

I popped along yesterday for lunch, but had a delicious breakfast dish - The Bush Baby; Boerewors sausage, bacon,  spinach, mushrooms, roast  peppers, caramelised onions, grilled tomato and poach...

September 7, 2018

Cooper Goes Exploring - Marshall & Foxwells...

New venture for Ian comes in the package of a great little coffee van with a lever press espresso machine.

Ian has worked hard and taken the plunge into the world of coffee. I went to Chesham market last Saturday to catch up with Ian and get the latest and make sure all is well and happy. 

While Chesham market may not be his ideal location, it is a great opener for this venture. He has been in other locations such as Penn Meadow Summer Festival, but also looking to other locations so we need to watch this space - well… his FB page for updates and whereabouts… @marshallfoxwells 

The passion Ian demonstrates for coffee shines through his chat. He is working on and perfecting the shots, even drawing others in for their opinions, which is always a good sign, other peoples insights and objective views are really useful. Being a cart it is obviously a limited offering but that means his focus is on serving a delicious coffee. Plus his...

July 4, 2018

Chilterns Food Magazine summer party

Chilterns Food Magazine is a superb local mag, beautifully crafted with stunning photos championing local producers and suppliers in the Chiltern Hills. As an avid follower and local producer and supplier, we got an invite to their 1st summer party. A fab relaxed affair held at the wonderful Blue Tin Produce Farm Shop. 

First off, very grateful to have been a part of the evening. Well organised by the lovely Hugh and team. 

The Blue Tin Produce Farm Shop, about 50 minutes from Marlow, is definitely worth a visit if you have a day to amble around and get there. The location is beautiful and the produce in the shop delightful and reasonably priced, all served with a smile. I bagged myself a few goodies as pressies for others. A great range of local produce from jams and chutneys, local meats and sauces plus lovely hand crafted crockery and other ornaments, gins and more. There is a tasty looking selection of foods for the cafe area as well. 

For this...

June 12, 2018

New venture in Maidenhead, St Marks road!

Saint Cafe

This has recently sprung up and they are pretty bustling already. They have been sourcing great products, many local and much sustainable to offer great quality and made contact in order for us to supply them. Clearly word is getting out which is really exciting! 

We went to visit with an order of coffee on a Cooper Goes Exploring adventure. They are a fantastic crew of people, working busy to get things off the ground. Walking in feels warm and welcoming, much furniture homely and rustic but all nice and clean and fresh. There is a great display of products for sale which will be lovely as take away extras. 

The food offering is of course limited but ideal cafe style with fresh, quality pastries and sandwiches that can be toasted and baguettes. The tea selection is fantastic too and along with coffees are served beautifully and with a great smile. 

They have a full-time great quality barista, but we have of course done some training...

June 4, 2018

 This is one not to miss if anywhere near Kings Langley (or Berkhamstead, I am assuming this is also fantastic as this visit was right up there compared to all other #coopergoesexploring visits)

This is about 35 minute drive away via the M25 and well worth a stop off. It’s also an ideal stop off for coffee instead of a service station being so close to the motorway! 

A super laid back atmosphere with fantastic staff who are really friendly and knowledgeable. This location has recently turned 5 and we are really pleased they are using our coffee for a guest espresso (soon?, they definitely have some as we dropped it off but were using the last of their other guest first). They absolutely know their coffee and how to make it to perfection which is why we are thrilled they have taken some of our coffee. 

On our drop off the other day I had an espresso and the shot was pulled beautifully. The natural sweetness shone through, there was a full fruity vibrancy and rounded body followin...

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